Vacation Lost and Found Chargerback is a leading edge lost and found technology that serves some of the largest hotels and airlines in the world. They help return millions of lost items each year. This corporate video production is part of a campaign to increase consumer awareness of their company.

Ensuring the Future of Wild Sheep Wild Sheep are an iconic species in North America but were on the brink of extinction in the 1960s. Thanks to the efforts of the Wild Sheep foundation, the population has increased over 300% in recent years.

Northern Nevada Appliance Outlet We built a series of spots to support a revised advertising campaign for an appliance retailer. The client was not getting the results he wanted from his existing advertising program, so he used Carls Videomations to create something that would make him stand out.

Night Orbs This artisan product is being introduced by Have Lights Will Travel, a well-established lighting system provider. This piece was designed to be multi-purpose, and will be featured on television, the web, and in a specially designed in-store display.

Mountain Hunter Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony This video was designed to create a sense of majesty and suspense prior to announcing the winner of the prestigious Mountain Hunter Hall of Fame award, presented annually by the Wild Sheep Foundation at their annual convention.

The Plant Stand Evolved This video was created to explain in detail, the benefits and use of an innovative new plant stand system. This multi-purpose piece was designed to introduce the concept to direct marketing retailers, experts in the home gardening space, as well as for direct to consumer on Amazon.

The Magic of ABBA We built this video for the number one ABBA tribute band in the US to enhance their marketing efforts, and to support their campaign to land a long term deal in a Las Vegas showroom.

DTR Fitness Sports Training DTR Fitness are experts in creating innovative training programs to help their clients to get the most out of their sports. But ping pong? This spot was designed for social media, broadcast television, and for use on their website.

Mystery At Telegraph Creek This fun piece introduced a murder mystery game during a live event. We had a lot of fun with the green screen work and giving it an old time “found footage” distressed feel.